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Français :

SAGI est un jeu coopératif dans lequel les joueurs doivent résoudre des énigmes pour passer de salles en salles et ainsi, peut-être, réussir à s'enfuir.

Altérer la gravité, appliquer des forces et figer dans l'espace sont les trois mécaniques dont devront user les joueurs pour parvenir à ce but.

Note : Ce jeu est encore un prototype, il est normal que vous rencontriez des bugs et il sera sûrement nécessaire de redémarrer le jeu.

English :

SAGI is a cooperative game in which players must solve puzzles to move from room to room and, perhaps, succeed in escaping.

Altering gravity, applying forces and freezing in space are the three mechanics that players will have to use to achieve this goal.

Note :  This game is still a prototype, it is normal that you encounter bugs and it will surely be necessary to restart the game.


SAGI-V0.1.exe 28 MB


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Nice guys, keep going ! however I have a few comments : 

+ game principle seems interesting

- Tried to find a way to play with XBO controller but I only could make the movement work

- poor instructions, I tried to understand what to make with the cube as they changed colors but could not make it

- that big room is pretty empty

- ... feedback!

Nice first try !

Thanks! That's the very first version of the game and we rushed it a bit because we challenged ourselves to publish something before holidays ^^

Features like sounds and visual feedbacks are on their way but they wasn't working 100% so we keep them for the next version.

For the XBOX controller, we didn't tried to implement it so it sure must have weird behaviours.

And yeah, the very first room of the tutorial is supposed to show the basic interactions with gravity but we clearly have some work to make it understandable... X)

Next version should come in the first months of 2019, it'll be better we promise !